Love Gold

Chrissy ON Jan 15, 2013 AT 9:00 am

by Chrissy Iley

Julianne Moore at the Love Gold party

Golden Globe week meant a lot of parties. Love Gold held one in a 1920s house adjoining the Chateau Marmont. There was a gorgeous lunch for Francesca Eastwood where I was seated next to Neil Lane, jeweller to Hollywood A-list and beyond who I haven’t seen since we were in Africa together.

He tells the story that he saved us all from a hungry lion and he was very brave. In fact none of us were when we found ourselves suddenly stranded in an open-topped jeep stuck in a hole where one bright spark of our party decided they wanted to take a picture of a dead giraffe – the lion’s kill.

Slowly one by one we crept out of the jeep and into the safety of another vehicle that was not trapped in the sand. I put on a brave exterior. For some reason I was the last out and as I walked slowly with a very silly walk, my stomach was in my toes as the mother lion crept further to investigate the commotion – her four cubs, teenage lions, alongside her.

We had great fun telling different versions of the story and I also met with By Gold Girl who also writes under Pawn On The Cobb. She has wonderful vintage pawn shop jewels inside a restaurant in Manhattan. There’s a pearl room, a chandelier room, so you get New Age American tapas with Old Age gold delicacies. Can’t wait to visit.

Julianne Moore also had a party thrown for her by Love Gold and as fantastic as she looks on screen, she is astoundingly more beautiful in the flesh. Her thick sheet of copper hair, the porcelain complexion, that smiley yet unlined face – mesmerising.

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