Lydia Wears Kate Reiss Dress…

Mimi ON Jun 01, 2011 AT 3:06 pm

Lydia Bright (bearng her VPL) in Kate Middleton's Reiss number

Lydia Bright (bearng her VPL) in Kate Middleton's Reiss number

The fashion world went into a frenzy when the Duchess of Cambridge wore a £175 Reiss bandage dress to meet President Barack Obama last week. The Reiss website crashed twice as women everywhere clamored for the same “Shola” design. But it’s hard to look as classy as Kate – in fact, some buyers, like Lydia Bright, essentially ruined the entire look.

Bright was seen going into an office today sporting the beige dress, but it was noticeably ill-fitting in almost every area and was poorly accessorised with a chunky gold necklace, trashy black platform shoes, and a nude satchel purse. She also displayed a distressing case of a visible panty line, which were made worse by the too-tight fit of the dress.

Even if Lydia Bright had worn the dress in her size and chosen the same accessories as Kate, we still doubt she would be able to pull off the look. You need to possess some natural grace when copying one of the more elegant women in the UK at the moment, and somehow we don’t think being a TOWIE star really qualifies…

Although, in her defence, it’s nice to see someone with curves wearing the dress… Kate Middleton looks TINY in her version!

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