Made to Fade

BATD ON Jan 06, 2011 AT 9:15 am

Made to Fade jeans

Made to Fade jeans

If you love your jeans more once they’ve faded you should take a look at a new denim brand on the market, M2F.

They are introducing eco-friendly, authentic, vintage denim in eleven colors previously unavailable in the denim marketplace. M2F (Made to Fade) are individually coloured in a dye bath that uses 50% less energy & water, while eliminating 100% of the toxic chemicals typical of traditional textile dying procedures.Together, these breakthroughs enabled the company to develop a different kind of denim brand, one committed to preserving the environment without compromising their place in the fashion place.

Their Spring Collection is full of great colours that make you yearn for some some sunshine to wear with your flip flops. The collection consists of four buttery-soft, slim-fit stretch denim styles: straight leg, classic bootcut, skinny leg and mini short.

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