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Mimi ON Mar 18, 2010 AT 2:27 pm

Denim Shorts

By Holly Barder

No, it’s not that time on a Friday yet I’m afraid. I’m talking about this season’s double denim craze. Wearing denim on denim was once a fashion “don’t”, a fashion sin even. However, as of late there is no such thing as too much denim, and the head-to-toe denim ensemble has found its way onto the “yes please do” list of fashion afficionados everywhere.

Arguably a love or hate look, I have to say I was sceptical about this season’s surprise trend. The problem, I think, is this: over the years we have been treated to a few too many examples of how not to wear double denim, how to get it completely and utterly wrong in fact. Britney and Justin…need I say more. But, when done right, this 90s throwback has the power to sway even the most cynical of fashion fiends. How do I know this? I was one of them.

Denim Sleeveless Dress

All too well I can recall double doses of denim making an appearance last year, and praying they would remain confined to the catwalks. Looking back to my teenage years which, granted weren’t the epitomy of style, I would never have dreamed of wearing denim on denim. But then I would never have dreamed of wearing trousers any higher than what was considered, just about (sometimes not according to my mother), decent, and now the higher-waisted the better. My point is, give this season’s fabric du jour a chance.

It was given a luxe reincarnation on the spring/summer catwalks, with designers from D&G and Ralph Lauren to Stella McCartney and Chloe offering countless denim possibilities. The latter I credit for my denim u-turn. While I’m still undecided if I’ll be sporting the look myself (I’m building myself up to it and hope to be ‘ready-to-wear’ come Summer), Hannah Macgibbon’s third collection with its patchwork shirt and jeans combo ignited my love affair with denim on denim.  

Jeans, yes, but also chambary shirts, shorts, skirts and in particular denim jackets are back with a bang. Do like Rachel Bilson, Miranda Kerr and Jessica Alba and work the classic jacket worn with oh, just about anything – it is the perfect trans-seasonal item. No need to worry if you are rescuing it from the back of your wardrobe, the more love-worn or retro if you will, the better. If utility chic is on your fashion agenda, consider dungarees teamed with a pretty blouse a la Ralph Lauren

Denim Kimono

Mix up textures, be it ripped, frayed, or yes, my personal favourite, patched. While the phrase has been thrown about by the fashion elite probably more times than you care to remember, this look is both wearable and affordable. In fact, go down the DIY route, as I have, and it will cost you nothing. If you’ve got a denim jacket that you just aren’t going to wear, despite my best efforts, rip the arms off and make like Twenty8Twelve’s cropped sleeveless ones; go at an old pair of jeans with the cheese-grater (believe me, it’s great for stress relief) or simply snip the legs off and work summer’s hottest item: roll-up shorts.

If, however, you are looking to add to your denim collection, Laura Lees has created a handful of pieces embellished with her signature idiosyncratic stitch-work (seen here). With prices ranging from £65 to £105, these dream buys may actually have a happy ending.

All these pieces are available at the My Sugarland boutique, which can be found at 402-404 St John’s Street,  ECIV 4NJ.

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