Mango Mix & Match

BATD ON Oct 13, 2010 AT 1:56 pm

Mango Mix and Match

Mango Mix and Match

As an avid internet shopper, I’m constantly frustrated at sites with little or no visual details about the products they are selling. Cue, Mango’s new ‘Mix and Match’ feature which lets you dress a model in the outfits you’d like to wear yourself. Long are the days of having to return items after realising what they actually look like!

I had a play around with the tool this morning and, with the weather in mind, came up with this cute outfit for the wintery season…

As soon as winter hits I just want to wear long cardigans to wrap myself in, it’s like I am dressing for a long haul flight at my desk every day! So I love this outfit because it still manages to look smart and stylish but is heavy on the slouchy comfort factor. This would also be the ideal Saturday shopping and lunch outfit, but I would have to team it with some flat ankle or riding boots, I cannot do heels for walking around the shops that’s just silly.

The cardi/coat is the perfect lightweight option for those days when you need some warmth to walk home at night but it’s not quite wintery cold enough to be in your heavy coat. Mango has some great knits, I wanted to try most of the cardigans but this was my favourite length and colour to go with everything.

Try the Mix and Match tool yourself here… (go to ‘What Should I Wear’ and then ‘Mix and Match’)

What do you think of my choice on outfit? Would you change anything?

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