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by Annie Vischer

Meadham Kirchhoff for TOPSHOP

Meadham Kirchhoff for TOPSHOP

In the aftermath of the Isabel Marant for H&M hype, we have are ears accutely attuned to any whisperings of designer and high street collaborations coming up. If you thought that was it for November 2013 then you were wrong. On 21st November TOPSHOP are set to launch their largest designer collaboration to date. Design super duo Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff have again joined forces with TOPSHOP to produce an 89 piece strong collection inspired by the idea of a band or group named ‘The Cherrys’.

The designers commented that ‘The overall aesthetic was influenced by Marylin Manson and the Spooky Kids, Kembra Pfahler and glam rock. It is an enormous and all encompassing collection which will offer a myriad of choice for any customer to adapt or reject as they see fit.’

TOPSHOP Creative Director Kate Phelan spoke of Meadham Kirchhoff ‘ben and Ed have been captivating a global fashion audience at London Fashion Week for over 10 years. This collection of Cherries will inspire and delight. The pieces are special and exciting, they capture their bitter-sweet world of fashion’.

This imagined girl band, The Cherrys is comprised of Cherry Cherie, Cherry Satanika, Cherry Pikka and Cherry Blosson, and each one is credited with their own signature style which is of course reflected in the new Meadham Kirchhoff for TOPSHOP collection. Cherry Blossom and Cherry Cherie possess a sweetness and naivety in their style, whilst Cherry Satanika and Cherry Pikka possess a wilder streak with far more apparent glam rock influences.

Getting excited about the collection? Join the Cherry crazy club. We can’t wait for the fantastical designs to hit stores. The rails will be beaming with leather, lace, suede, glitter, Mongolian shearling in candy colours, psychedelic technicolour, metallics and deep rich blues. 70s-esque prints abound and the footwear collection alone is a treasure trove of gems, fur and quirked up heels. The accessories section of the collection is like nothing you have ever seen. Lavender satin headbands with five point star emblems, heart shaped handbags and oversized stripy scarves.

We anticipate a serious Alice in Wonderland experience, and simply can’t wait to step through the looking glass that is the TOPSHOP doors.


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