Met Gala Roundup 2010 – Worst Dressed

BATD ON May 04, 2010 AT 1:04 pm

Met Gala 2010 - Worst Dressed

You can’t have a best dressed list without a worst, and this year some celebrities gave us the perfect excuse to give you our roundup of the worst frocked of them all.

We had Kristen Stewart who, even when dressed in some of the world’s finest couture, refuses to pull out a genuine smile. Big thumbs down from us, even if she is pulling a slight smile, her awkwardness stops her carrying off this taffeta Chanel Haute Couture number.

Next we have Sienna, who not only has taken back love-rat Jude Law, but seem to insist on wearing a calf length dress with ankle straps. Now that’s a look that doesn’t bode well for anyone, even if it was made by the fab print designer, Emilio Pucci.

Mary J Blige at the Met Gala 2010

Katy Perry was once again true to her extravagant personality and rocked up wearing a glow-in-the-dark gown. Literally. This candy cane furour of tulle, accompanied by a mighty side slit, was a little too much for my taste. If I wanted some neon candy floss I’d have visited a night-time carnival, I don’t want to be seeing it on the red carpet.

Lastly we have Elizabeth Banks who seems to be trying to channel here inner Ostrich in this Gucci mini. Not only in the shape highly unflattering, but she seems to think that those tights were a good addition. They’re not. They simply add to the Ostrich-look and dramatically shorten her legs when paired with the ankle strapped shoes. If she’s have stuck with the bare legs, she may have got away with this one… just.

And don’t even get me started on Mary J Blige… B

Click below to watch all the stars as they enter the Met Gala Event:

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