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by Annie Vischer

Miley Cyrus for Marc Jacobs

Miley Cyrus for Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is the latest in a long line of fashion houses to make waves this season with the revelation of his latest muse. The flamboyant designer has succeeded in enrolling the sensation-causing-songstress of 2013 into his campaign girl hall of fame. She joins the likes of Elle Fanning, Helena Bonham Carter and Edie Campbell as the latest Marc Jacobs girl.

Whereas her predecessors posed up a storm against a bleached white background, staring kookily into the camera, adorned with brightly coloured Marc Jacobs creations, Miley’s appearance is altogether different. We wouldn’t have been surprised to hear that the starlet would be gracing the SS14 images with her presence. She has a long standing friendship with the designer and her now renowned tongue-baring smiles would have sat perfectly in the usual Marc Jacobs campaign setting. Nevertheless, the shots show Miley sitting in a dusky beach setting, staring wistfully out into the distance as a girl lies rather inexplicably beside her and another stands preoccupied behind her. The colours of the collection are muted within the misty palette of the campaign, dark royal blues merging together with burgundy pieces.

It is refreshing to see Miley’s image angled in such a way. We know from her performances in films such as The Last Song, the sentiment she pours into her single Wrecking Ball in live renditions, that she is capable of subtlety and refinement, they are just qualities that she chose to set aside a little in 2013. Perhaps the campaign signals a new era in the evolution of Miley. Watch out 2014.

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