Mimi Talks to Antoni & Alison Part 2

BATD ON Jun 01, 2009 AT 9:38 am

Antoni and Alison Spring/Summer 09

Antoni and Alison Spring/Summer 09

Do you have a woman in mind when you design your collections, does it change each season?
She is an ‘Arty’ girl – the accidental cool girl – someone before they are spoilt by fashion awareness… We are always working around this girl – and trying to find her every season.

Is there someone you would like to see wearing your clothes who isn’t?
No  – we are happy that people find our work -  and love it when someone comes into our shop – and finds something to be excited about – someone who can’t believe their luck in finding a fantastic, inspirational piece of Antoni & Alison clothing to either own or just to look at.

With spare cash being scarce, what should we buy to wear for summer?
Don’t spend any more money  – get FREE GIFTS – our A&A & Fanta bag  collaboration  – should be at the top of this list.

Which trend do you think will dominate Spring/Summer 09?
For S/S09 – we looked to the ‘Exotic’ -  Fruit interested us – a Banana silk scarf – being something you can wear with anything.

If you could steal anyone’s wardrobe past or present whose would it be and why?
Alison – Barbara Hepworth’s clothing that she sculpted in – alongside the pieces she wore to her gallery openings.
Antoni -  Napoleon Bonaparte’s – just to keep.

Antoni and Alison Spring/Summer 09

Antoni and Alison Spring/Summer 09

How would you describe your personal style?
Antoni – I like dressing up – I like more.
Alison – I like dressing down – less is best.

Where do you like to shop, any favourite boutiques?
We tend to go to choose a country – choose a city  – make a weekend of it – and hunt through the flea markets once a season – Alison mixes this with A&A pieces – and Antoni non branded goods. This season we are off to Poland.

Do you shop online…what sites?
Ebay only.

Who are your favourite designers?
Pablo & Delia…

Any new designers we should be keeping our eyes out for?
Iris Jopp

What can we expect from Antoni & Alison for Autumn/Winter 09?
Dressing up in a minimal ‘Fancy Dress’ way…

What’s next for Antoni and Alison?
We are opening a tearoom ASAP.

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