Mimi talks to Camilla Morton – Part 2

Mimi ON Dec 10, 2008 AT 2:23 pm

Camilla Morton

Camilla Morton

In the second and final instalment of our interview with Camilla Morton, we find out about her inspirations and which labels and beauty products she loves.


Favourite discovery
That anything is possible if you work hard enough and want it enough – apart from men..!

Who inspires you?
My parents, my friends, John Galliano, Manolo Blahnik and people that have followed their dreams and been bold and unafraid. I would say Jane Austen, Cleopatra – any of the muses of the month in my book – but most of all Cinderella and her happily ever after (and a great pair of shoes!)

Daily extravagance
Taxis – it is a mobile office, or at least this is how I try to justify them!

How would you like to be remembered?
I would like to be remembered, but first I would like to live! 


Manolo Blahniks – there is no such thing as a bad day if you are wearing Manolos, and don’t say they are too expensive that is what the sales were invented for, besides they are the key from which the rest of you can blossom. 

A Dior Christal – it is a pink sapphire watch that John and Steven gave me for the launch of my first book (in 2005) I haven’t taken it off since then. They said it was nice and heavy so that if I felt nervous I should shake my wrist and the weight would feel as if they were there holding my hand. 

Right now I am really into a purple bag that my friend designed/gave to me by Design Guru Bags. It’s an online company where you choose the fabric, the style, the lining and the finish and customise your own design, Heidi Klum and the Project Runway judges all carry them!

I have a Hari T shirt but I am actually more of a jumper and dress type of girl – and these tend to be Galliano – simply because I think you should wear your heart on your sleeve and I love Hari, Galliano, bits of Balenciaga and you can’t go wrong with a DVF dress. 

Favourite accessory
A good friend – if not, a pair of Manolo Blahniks will do the trick.

Favourite designer
I think it’s the magic trinity – Manolo Blahnik, John Galliano and Azzedine Alaia.


Foundation – I like the light YSL light enhancer cream or indeed the new one by Dior. 

Mascara – I love mascara, I have all brands, all types, at the moment I am using Fresh

Blusher – I have a beautiful Dior compact 

Fragrance – Galliano’s first fragrance or Miss Dior Cherie

Face Moisturiser – I use the Vaishaly Skin Care line, she is amazing and so are her products.

Desert island product – Mascara, or indeed a phone so I could call for rescue or Touché Eclat, lets be realistic. 

A Year in High Heels

A Year in High Heels

Who cuts/colours your hair?
I am LUCKY enough to have had my hair snipped by God – Sam McKnight he who does Kate Moss, Uma Thurman, and of course did Princess Diana.  But when on planet earth the best place to get a cut is with Billie Currie – and colour  – this is assuming I am not a natural blonde (!) I go to Leslie or Heidi at Real.  


Where do you live?
London – and work in Paris!

Favourite restaurant?
Varies, I am a bit of a cheap date though  - Ed’s Diner, Hache Fulham Road or there is nothing quite like a McDonalds!

Favourite bar?
Claridges – which is my favourite place on earth – to quote Spencer Tracy ‘I don’t want to go to heaven I want to go to Claridges’. 

Favourite city?

A Year in High Heels is available from all good book stores.

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