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Model Viktorija Skyte

Model Viktorija Skyte

Over the weekend we caught up with Gemma Sanderson and Viktorija Skyte from Storm Models. The girls were strutting their stuff on the catwalk over at Gatwick Fashion Week, yes you heard right. To celebrate the holiday season and the various shopping outlets at the airport, London Gatwick Airport organised their very own fashion week. So we asked jet set models Gemma and Viktorija for some of their top packing tips and their favourite travel essentials.

Name: Viktorija Skyte
Age: 22
Career Highlights:  Working for Vivienne Westwood (she’s my idol) and Chinese Vogue.

Must have travel essentials…

A book. I don’t like flying so I try to read until I fall asleep.

When you airport shop where do you head to?
I’m usually running late but when I get there I grab a coffee and one of those water facial sprays so that my skin doesn’t get too dry on the plane. 

Favourite place to fly to…

 St. Lucia – I go there every year in February, at the end of winter and I love it. And of course Ibiza…I’m going there in two weeks.

What do you like to travel in?

 It usually depends where I’m flying – but if it’s a long flight I pack a pair of winter socks in my hand luggage because I get cold feet. And I wear jeans and pack a spare shirt in my bag to put on just before I arrive.

Favourite Cocktail?

Last item you bought…
Plasters – I’ve got blisters! But apart from that I bought some ankle boots from Kurt Geiger.

When it comes to packing for a mini break what’s your top tip?
 Take a dress you can adapt and change into different outfits and loads of accessories.

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