MZ Skin and Depuff and Define Contouring Eye Rescue: Review

Mimi ON Jun 18, 2018 AT 3:21 pm

By Chrissy Iley  

This serum with all its luster is the closest thing to a pump of magic on earth!

MZSkin Depuff & Define

MZ Skin Depuff & Define


I am a big fan of Dr. Maryam Zamani and her MZ Skin Range not just because its pink and gold packaging defines girl power in ways Spice Girls left out but because it’s so super instant effective.  


Before skin care was all about the glow and long before excessive highlighting and contouring improved selfies on Instagram MZ Skin was all about products that would give luster from inside out.  This serum not only keeps the luster going it get rid of puffy eyes and corrects pigmentation so any kind of shadowy dark circles also instantly vanish.  On a more long term basis skin tone is improved by strengthening the cellular matrix within the skin surface.


What I am interested in is instant reaction.  I spend my life jet lagged, tired, sleepless and I am always looking for the eye serum that won’t let this show.  This is it.  I always take it with me in the see through plastic bag when getting on a plane.  In the US they allow you a larger bag-something I always forget when at Heathrow and the last three times a security nazi has raided my hand luggage and I have had to throw away products that didn’t fit into the tiny British see through bag.  I threw away a brand new YSL foundation because I knew I could replace it in the duty free.  I threw away sinus medication, I threw away my best mini-moisturizers but I would never throw away my MZ Depuff and Define even though it was nearly finished.


A flight causes skin to dry, flake, puff, age like twelve seasons in one hour.  Usually  one has something important at the other end and that is why this eye serum is the prefect defense missile.


It’s packed with the science of how it fortifies the skin, prevents collagen degradation and loss of elasticity.  It prevents accumulation of lipids that lead to puffiness and eye bags-all of that is going on long term but what you really need to know is this works.  Instantly.  Makes you look like you slept every night for a month when you have barely had two hours.  One little pump swipes away years.  It also provides luminosity that seems to come from within, the kind of luminosity that is so real the highlighter is the first thing you can throw away.  This does it all.


It’s not cheap but it’s F******* amazing!

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