New Trend: ‘Upcycling’

Mimi ON Jan 11, 2011 AT 9:06 am

Make A Cape

Make A Cape

If your spending habits over Christmas got a bit out of hand, why not try the new trend of ‘upcycling’ to get your bank back in business without sacrificing your style.

‘Upcyling’ a term first coined by William McDonough and Michael Braungart in their book; Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things. Now I’m not saying go read the book, but the general idea is that we should be changing the way we produce our goods, reusing our old material yet maintaining its quality.

We’ve already had Marty Stevens-Heebner who founded Rebagz to make handbags out of juice packs and nylon rice sacks and London Fashion week’s ‘Esthetica’, so why stop there? The Papered Parlour in Clapham offers workshops that are designed to help you upcycle your own things, with classes such as Pimp My Shoes, Make a Cape and Make a Ring… all of which are taken by some of London’s coolest young designers.

So if you fancy maintaining your unique style without breaking the bank, why not book into a class for some inspiration and creative tips.

The Papered Parlour
7 Prescott Place
London SW4 6BS
Tel: 020 7627 8703

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