Nicole Upstages Cheryl

Mimi ON Jun 15, 2011 AT 1:22 pm

Nicole Scherzinger & Cheryl Cole in colorblock

We don’t even need to ask “Who wore it better?” when it comes to the orange-and-purple colorblock ensembles worn by Nichole Scherzinger and Cheryl Cole.

Cole was repeatedly panned for her bright 70s-inspired outfit (complete with a massive teased hairstyle), but Scherzinger clearly knows how to pull off the daring combination. ┬áBy opting for a pale peachy-orange blouse and fitted purple skirt, she kept the lines clean and the colours complementary. ┬áNude booties and a dark bronze belt are chic accessories (as opposed to Cole’s awful turquoise belt) while casual curls look fresh and youthful.

Scherzinger is bang on for the recent colorblock trend! Meanwhile it’s no wonder Cole got booted from the X-Factor…

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