Pantone Colour Report A/W’11

Mimi ON Feb 10, 2011 AT 4:58 pm

pantone colour

Pantone Colour

London’s Fashion week is just around the corner and New York’s Fashion week kicked off today (10. Feb)… so what better way to focus on Spring/Summer that to look forward to Autumn/Winter already!

For our lucky BATD readers we have the inside scoop for this year’s fall (aka Autumn/Winter) colour palette. So make way in your wardrobes and prepare for some exciting new colours to look out for!

Courtesy of Pantone, who happens to be the world’s authority to colour, the announcement came of the top 10 colour choices for women fall fashion 2011 this morning.

According to their fall report the palette is showing a very sensible and spirited feel. The designers have chosen a romantic vibe so it’s sure to be great!

Here’s the list:

1. Bamboo: Pantone 14-0740

2. Emberglow: Pantone 17-1547

3. Honeysuckle: Pantone 18-2120

4. Phlox: Pantone 19-2820

5. Cedar: Pantone 16-0526

6. Deep Teal: Pantone 19-4914

7. Coffee Liquor: Pantone 18-0930

8. Nougat: Pantone 16-1320

9. Orchid Hush: Pantone 13-3805

10. Quarry: Pantone 15-4305

Bamboo will bring a warm and exotic flavour. It will be a great colour to pair with because it is a standout yellow with a subtle green undertone.

Emberglow is a very autumn colour. Think summer coral meets fall embers!

Honeysuckle will bring a smile to your face. It is a reddish pink leaving us in the moment of spring. It is perfect with any of the top 10!

Phlox is a deep purple, and we love purple! It will make you feel sophisticated and magical! We can use Phlox to make a bold statement.

Cedar has a green undertone, kind of like a mystical forest vibe. It’s a cool colour for fall.

Pantone fall fashion report 2011

Fashion Designers & colour choices with designs from left: Cedar-Charlotte Ronson, Phlox-Adam Lippes, Quarry-Victor de Souzza, Honeysuckle-Rebecca Taylor, Orchid Hush- Victoria Bartlett

Deep Teal is one of my favourites! We are definitely glad it made the top 10. This happens to be a very strong and bold teal, which is a great staple for A/W.

Coffee Liquor is a lovely brown tone, which makes us want some coffee right now! It’s a darker brown, but a great substitute for black. We can save black for winter!

Nougat is another brown tone, but more of a camel colour. This will be great for sombre days the season brings.

Orchid Hush happens to be a grey shade, but has quite a beautiful undertone. It is sort of like a light purplish, a great match for any outfit!

Quarry is a medium tone grey, which is a great and reliable staple for our A/W wardrobes.

Pantone Fall fashion report 2011

Continued: Bamboo-Kennith Cole, Coffee Liquor- Elie Tahari, Emberglow- Carmen Mar Valvo, Nouget-Ella Moss, Deep Teal-Tadashi Shoji.

When we think of A/W we think warm blankets, thick sweaters, and neutral colours with deep accents right? Well, as you can see designers have definitely nailed all aspects of this.

The colours will be leaving your wardrobe feeling complete and ready for the cold! So be prepared for an elegant, sensible and spirited season!

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