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BATD ON Jul 16, 2010 AT 9:38 am

Peter Som, featuring Pantone's Chocolate Truffle and Purple Orchid

Pantone’s Fashion Colour Report features 10 fabulous colours that can’t be missed for autumn/winter. Twenty-six fashion designers have contributed to the publication by having their designer sketches featured and by giving the inside scoop on their inspiration, must-have items and colour, of course. 

The upcoming fall fashion season promises to be anything but dull, and we can partly thank the economic recession for that. Peter Som was quoted by Pantone saying, ‘Fashion and colour are a pick me up. It’s time for happy clothes.’ His outlook can be seen in his featured ensemble which shows the pairing of Chocolate Truffle and Purple Orchid. 

Betsey Johnson, featuring Pantone's Woodbine, Endive and Oyster Gray

No matter what the economic status, fashion has always managed to maintain a sense of optimism and to do it with style. According to Nanette Lepore, ‘In current economic conditions colour is more important than ever.’ One of the colours she embraced was Pantone’s 2010 Colour of the Year—Lagoon. Whether it’s shown in an accessory or covers the whole outfit, the turquoise hue can make anyone look beautiful in blue. 

Designs by Nanette Lepore, featuring Pantone's Lagoon

In Betsey Johnson’s design, she has taken two shades of olive-green and joined them with touches of Oyster Gray. Woodbine and Endive provide a somewhat neutral colour palette to work with, and they can be smartly paired with Chocolate Truffle, Purple Orchid, or Lagoon. 

Indeed, designers have provided a much-needed splash of colour to the drab months of autumn. The same holds true for the last four Pantone colours featured in the fall collection by Thuy, who has taken hold of a brilliant colour combination of Lipstick Red, Living Coral, Rose Dust and Golden Glow. As shown on the lips of Thuy’s model, Lipstick Red is fittingly set to be seen in cosmetic colours for autmn/winter. 

Thuy, featuring Pantone's Lipstick Red, Living Coral, Rose Dust and Golden Glow

If you haven’t already, you will fall in love with these chic colours and designs. They may be the perfect pick me up in these hard times. 

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