Phillips PerfectCare

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Philips Perfectcare

Philips PerfectCare

Our Editor’s been test driving the amazing new iron from Philips, the PerfectCare….

Disclosure on two levels, firstly, I actually like ironing, maybe because I only have myself to iron for, so there’s no pile up of large men’s shirts that I remember my Mum had to get through on a Sunday night. There’s something about making your clothes look shiny and new again I just enjoy. It all starts with actually putting them in the machine, right through to seeing that pile of perfectly folded clothes ready for the week again. I’m not a neat freak, there’s no Monica from Friends tick, but I do know a good iron when I stand before one by my ironing board, so I count myself very well qualified to test this Philips PerfectCare steam generator. Secondly, I was given this iron to try out by the PR, but this is an unpaid and honest review.

This new steam iron system seems to me as good as you get with options to iron anything from delicate fabrics right through to my cargo pants from Uniqlo, the ones with really annoying combat style pockets everywhere. Especially since I bought them in 3 colours, so every week I seem to be faced with these pesky trousers. Imagine my joy (now remember from the first bit, I love ironing, so it’s real joy here) when I can just hover the steam over them and not only do they flatten the pockets out, but I don’t have to iron both sides.

It’s like giving your clothes a reiki session, I found myself mostly just hovering the iron, pressing the steam button a couple of inches above them, it’s so quick I finished my pile of clothes in half the time.

Philips Perfectcare (as seen in the Daily Mail)

Philips PerfectCare (as seen in the Daily Mail)

It looks like a big industrial iron with a large base carrying the water, you rest the iron on here and unlock it off to glide or hover, really easy to use and speedy. You can also use it like a steamer against clothes hanging to freshen them up, or items that are difficult to flatten down across the ironing board.

Telling a man I like ironing always felt like my best chat up line, now I might actually offer to do the odd shirt, or maybe show them how to use it, men like a gadget after all.

Very impressed, please don’t take it back!

Get it for £230 at

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