Q&A – Ben de Lisi

BATD ON Oct 19, 2010 AT 3:12 pm

Ben de Lisi

Ben de Lisi

Ben de Lisi is an American born fashion designer based in London.  Having been a mainstay on the catwalk for 25 years, he brought wearable fashion to the high street with his Principles collection for Debenhams and this year has been championing UK fashion students as a judge for the Lypsyl® Fashion Competition.

You’re credited with bringing high fashion to the masses with your Principles range for Debenhams, how do you feel about that?

I think it is fantastic, fashion can be so elitist.   When people think high street, they think commercial, cheap, but they are making a mistake.  I create classic, timeless styles that suit all ages and sizes.

You also have a passion for quirky projects such as re-designing NHS gowns, is it important to you to work on a variety of different projects?

It is incredibly important to me, I really enjoy variety.  With the NHS gown, I felt the old hospital gown was hideous, embarrassing and ill-fitting.  I wanted the new gown to feel fabulous and aspirational and give patients back their dignity.

How do you feel about your role as mentor to the next generation?

I think it is essential to champion the next generation and I am inspired by the talent and creativity I have seen on projects such as Project Catwalk and the Lypsyl® Fashion Competition.

What do you feel are the big trends for this autumn/winter season?

This season is all about the urban colour palette, camel, black, stone, teal and peacock. 

Now, mentor us! What should we be buying this season?

If you are going to buy one thing, invest in a colour block coat in this season’s colours, such as camel and black.

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