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BATD ON Jun 16, 2010 AT 4:14 pm

Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe is to launch her own fashion range.

The celebrity stylist has started up her own brand – The Rachel Zoe Collection - which will include clothing, shoes and accessories, with plans to branch into interiors at a later date.

She told WWD: “Subconsciously or consciously, my whole final goal – I don’t want to say final because that sounds very like it’s the end – but I would say my ultimate dream scenario was to be on the design side. You will absolutely see my trademark pieces. I’ll definitely do faux furs and incredible leather jackets and great trousers. But I’m catering to a broader audience.”

Although her design team is yet to be announced, the collection is set to arrive in stores later next year.

Rachel has become a huge name in the fashion industry – dressing a host of celebrities including Nicole Richie, Eva Mendes and Cameron Diaz - but hates it when people think she’s just become an overnight success.

She said: “One time at a fashion show, an editor said to me, ‘Did you just come out of, like, thin air? You just appeared and now all I do is see your name and hear this and that, you’re sitting in the front row next to me at all these shows and dada.’ I said, ‘I’ve been working my a*s off for 15 years.‘ ”

I’m hoping by ‘broader audience’ she means for people that are bigger than her as, by the looks of it, she’s been working harder trying not to eat and working out than she has furthering her career, over the last 15 years.

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