Ralph Lauren Goes 4D!

Mimi ON Nov 11, 2010 AT 11:46 am

Ralph Lauren goes 4D on New Bond Street

Ralph Lauren goes 4D on New Bond Street

by Dil Uppal (SCforM: Skin Care for Men)

Ralph Lauren celebrated the launch of it’s e-commerce site in the UK by staging an amazing ‘four dimentional’ light show last night – projected onto the face of the flagship store on New Bond Street. If you’re wondering what the ‘fourth dimension’ was, we were all treated to a waft of Ralph Lauren fragrance about 6 minutes into the presentation – nice touch!

I was there to watch it in person and it really was impressive! The lights went down and the champagne-sipping crowd oohed and ahhed as we watched massive models strutting ‘towards’ us in this season’s latest clothing, the iconic Polo horses galloped across the face of the Bond Street bulding and 3D images of this season’s ties and Big Pony fragrance collection revolved in front of us in realistic 3D. Well there’s no point in describing it when I have a shaky video to show you! Take a look below and see if you can spot a cheeky cameo from the man himself, Ralph Lauren, at the end.

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