Reality Stars: Fashion Labels

Mimi ON May 17, 2011 AT 3:56 pm

Snooki aka... The Ugly

Snooki aka... The Ugly

Reality Stars Getting Fashion Lines: Where is the Talent?

Ever since reality stars achieved celebrity status, they seem to be grabbing every opportunity they can to extend their brief fifteen minutes of fame.  The route chosen by most is that of a personal clothing line, where it becomes blatantly obvious whether these “stars” have any creative talent whatsoever or should just let go of their media-devouring ways.  A few stars’ clothing lines made it onto “The Good” list, some are deemed “The Bad” and others were just so terrible they had to be demoted to “The Ugly” list.

NB: Expect to find the Kardashians featured throughout.

Click here for THE GOOD…

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