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By Chrissy Iley

You’ve heard the phrase everything happens for a reason and there is a time for this, for that. None of it really has ever made sense to me other than it’s something that people have said to me when a pet has died. This week, I had a hideous eye infection. Not only did it feel like swords were going through the eye, after treatment, the infection now depleted of pain, left a puffy eyebag and swollen eyelid. And this is what happened for a reason. The Sensse Eye Massager.

It’s a tiny little thing like a fat pen. You can hold it firmly in your hand. You turn it on, it pulses and a red light comes on or a blue. This is LED light therapy. The red and blue lights address all kinds of eye concerns, from removing impurities from pores to reducing lines and reducing puffiness and redness. It’s £29.99 and it is an instant eye rejuvenation.



Even when I haven’t got an eye infection I’ve got bags under the left eye. I’m prone to left eye tiredness, don’t know why. And no eye cream has really made headway. I’m told because I have poor lymphatic drainage and I need to self-massage. Well, how great is a massage with this little pulsing lighting device. You feel and you see the eyebags melt away. It was absolutely the best time for this product to appear in my life. I was so excited by this Sensse range I was also keen to try the facial contour definer.

Unlike the eye masseurs which works with a battery, this one is two little rollerballs which you roll across your jawline and from chin to cheek. It promotes blood circulation and stimulates collagen production. There’s something about it which is really clever. You feel it sucking your cheeks in as you roll and afterwards you feel all brighter and tighter and more alert. It’s £39.00.

It’s exactly what it says it is – a mini face workout and it’s easy. You can carry it around and when you’re waiting for something which I seem to be doing a lot of, you can just roll away for a couple of minutes. It feels like your face has done a Pilates class and the facial roller rather quirkily relieves tension. You feel happy with it. It claims to stimulate collagen and I know it activates lymphatic drainage. It’s uniquely designed to roll at a 70-degree angle so it fits every face shape. Not sure who worked that equation out but it’s very clever. It’s a regime that’s not only easy to stick to but addictive. So much so once I realised it helped with lymphatic drainage I ran it over my thighs, calves and ankles and it was the perfect lymphatic massage. It’s not been recommended for this so don’t try this at home but I’m telling you it works as an all over body treatment, essentially if you have a sluggish lymphatic system.

You can buy Sensse products here.

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