Sheer Disaster

Mimi ON Jun 23, 2011 AT 12:01 pm

Tamara Beckwith leaves nothing to the imagination

Last night Tamara Beckwith stepped out to Mike Figgis’ Kate & Other Women exhibit at The Little Black Gallery - but her little black dress didn’t quite fit the classy occasion.  A completely see-through black tank dress revealed her matching black bra and knickers underneath – a typical faux-pas in the fashion world, much like wearing a white bra to a blacklight party...

But Beckwith seemed fully aware of her scandalous outfit; in fact, she looked very pleased with herself. Confidence is the best accessory, but let’s be honest – she’s 41 with children, and Britney Spears wore nearly the same dress to the MTV awards in 2001.

Britney Spears wore a similar look in 2001

Not exactly someone whose style you want to emulate!

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