Stay Sharp in Hip Hop Watches

Mimi ON Apr 01, 2012 AT 4:25 pm

Hip Hop Watches

Add some flare to your outfit this spring with a gel Hip Hop Watch. No matter what seasonal trend you’ve decided to embrace, whether it be pastels, bold neons, or the sportswear look, Hip Hop caters to all.

These trendy watches double as a bold fashion accessory, with their gelatinous exterior and interface available in a rainbow of colours.

The flexible plastic watchband lends itself to maximum comfort and style. The accessories come in 3 different sizes, and each watchband can be easily adjusted with the snip of your scissors. Tired of the style you’ve chosen? The Hip Hop watchband can easily be swapped for another version of your desire. In addition, the watches are waterproof.

Perhaps the greatest feature of all is the cost: most Hip Hop watches cost as little as £25, with the more stylized versions still only a mere £35.

For more information, and to purchase, check out the Hip Hop Watch website…

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