Stella’s Eco Sunglasses

Mimi ON Oct 18, 2011 AT 11:05 am

Stella Mccartney

Stella McCartney

It’s hard not to love Stella McCartney’s creations, especially when she continuously comes out so many beautiful, eco-friendly designs.

Now word has spread that she will be debuting a eco-friendly line of sunglasses. It is said to be available next year, and all of the pieces will be made from 50% natural and renewable materials.

Whereas most sunglasses use plastic derived from petroleum, Stella’s is a blend which includes a 54 per cent contribution from renewable castor oil seeds.

The glasses also use a new acetate plastic, which combines cellulose with “natural plasticisers” derived from citric acid.

Of the line she has said, “The greatest challenge was the amount of time that was spent on research and testing to get the best quality product possible with the highest performance in terms of resistance, while still maintaining the style and finish we always try to achieve.”

McCartney herself is an avid environmentalist and vegetarian who refuses to use leather or fur in her creations, so naturally accessories are the next step.

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