The Drab Daytime Emmys

Mimi ON Jun 20, 2011 AT 2:10 pm

Daytime Emmy Awards

Daytime Emmy Awards

It was a difficult year for the 38th annual Daytime Emmy Awards. From the cancellations of many of the show’s usual big winners to the lackluster celebrity turn-out (no Oprah?!), the awards ceremony limped along slowly despite the short two-hour time slot. Adding insult to injury, the stars who did bother to turn up to the event did so in the most un-flattering ways possible!

Here are the worst of the night’s unfortunate fashions.

Drab Ladies - Vanna White, Marie Osmond, Rachael Ray, Meridith Vieira

Drab Ladies - Vanna White, Marie Osmond, Rachael Ray, Meridith Vieira

Rachael Ray

Rachael’s hair and makeup look beautiful as usual, but this horror of a dress makes her look like she’s been sampling a few too many pages from her ’30 Minute Meals’ cookbook! We don’t know what her stylist was thinking, but bright blue and black stripes on an evening gown have never looked flattering on anyone.

Meridith Vieira

Come on, Meredith! We know she’s not exactly expected to be the picture of high fashion, but this dress is utterly terrible. Even the least fashion-conscious of us can see that this drab black sheet is completely unflattering, way too boxy in the front and hanging at a very long, awkward length in the back.

Vanna White

The ‘Wheel of Fortune’ hostess has made a career out of looking beautiful, but at this year’s Emmy’s she just looked bland. Her white one-shoulder gown didn’t do much for her figure, and accessorized with a simple silver clutch and silver hoop earrings, it was just plain boring.

Marie Osmond

She excited fans at the event with the announcement that she’s joining the cast of ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’, but Marie’s Emmy look was anything but bold or beautiful. Her black dress was too tight, too sparkly, and basically just too much. And don’t even get us started on that hair!




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