The Heat is on

BATD ON May 29, 2009 AT 3:20 pm

Social Suicide

Social Suicide

Social Suicide is a brand after our hearts, their idea this summer is - if you can’t stand the heat get shopping.  They are matching their discounts to the weather temperature, so as the Mercury rises the cash comes down.  The only problem now is, when do you go? We hear it’s going to be pretty steamy this weekend pushing up to the 20′s (that’s 20% off), so do you go and get your discount or hold out for a scorcher? Hmm decisions, decisions.

Social Suicide are a hot London based tailors located in the Newburgh Quarter. They’re ideal if you’re into masculine cuts (they’re predominantly men’s tailoring) so say hello to boyfriend blazers and oversized shirts.  If the temperature is right and you’re in a particularly giving mood why not pick up a couple of pieces for the man in your life (note to self, Father’s Day is creeping up.) The discount deal is on now for the summer.

Open daily from 10am-7pm

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