The North Circular

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North Circular

North Circular

Supermodel Lily Cole and her mates have created an eco-friendly line called The North Circular. The knitted wool products aren’t just limited to hats, scarves, and gloves. The line also includes a knight’s hood, cabled hood scarf, and a very trendy necklace scarf/snood.

What makes the company so unique is its dedication to being eco-friendly while supporting UK industry. The wool is taken from Wensleydale Longwool sheep that are rescued and let graze in north Yorkshire. Very, very sweet; but, everyone knows that the best part about knitted winter wear is when it’s knitted especially for you.

North Circular

North Circular

Looking for a little love? Your made to order product (you choose the style and then one of 5 colours) will be knitted by one of the grannies you can find on the site under “Meet Your Knitters.” Once you’ve ordered a product you’ll receive updates on its progress.

The final item will be sent using minimal, recycled packaging and come with a tag that say how many sheep to date have been rescued. 5% of all of the profits, and all of Lily Cole’s profits will be given to the EJ Foundation ( If you need something to wear while you wait for your snood, you can still get eco-friendly by visiting EJF’s pop-up shop in Carnaby Street.  The shop features ethical t-shirts designed by Alice Temperly, Luella, Christian Lacroix, and others.

There’s an undeniable appeal in North Circular’s products- they’ll keep you feeling cozy, are “knitted by grannies and supported by supermodels.”

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