The September Issue

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The September Issue

The September Issue

Vogue has a reputation for displaying nothing but stunning goddesses who seem to become more perfect with every flick of the page and their weighty September issue is the fashion bible.

Fall fashion is always the most anticipated and we wait all year to get the latest trends for next year, find out what we should buy, and who we should watch. The fashion world has a reputation for being cut throat and bitchy, Vogue and its Conde Nast real life cast has an air of mystery and being slightly out of reach for anyone outside of its glamorous bubble, but with the new documentary The September Issue, this world opens up to us.

For anyone who saw The Devil Wears Prada, this is the real deal, no Meryl Streep stand in the real star is here for us all to see, the unique Anna Wintour.

Due to be released on September 11th, The September Issue is an eye-on-the-wall documentary about the creation of Vogue’s biggest September issue of 2007, weighing nearly 5 pounds with 840 pages, 727 of which were advertisements.  The film follows Anna Wintour, 59, queen of the fashion world as she embarks on a nine-month journey, creating the largest edition of Vogue in its 117-year history.

Grace Coddington & Anna Wintour

Grace Coddington & Anna Wintour

Director R.J. Cutler opens the curtains backstage into a world not many have ever seen before, an eye opening documentary into the largest issue of the magazine. We are also introduced to Wintour’s other half, Grace Coddington, 68, a former model, who left the modelling world after a car accident scarred her face. A major storyline and backbone in the film is the tension and power struggle between the two editors over what’s best for the hugely influential September issue. But in the end, they show how much they deeply respect each other and provide a balanced yin and yang in which Vogue depends on.

The film is fascinating and I absolutely loved it, for me Coddington was the star, but they are both truly talented women who are utterly inspiring, it’s so refreshing to see an industry where women play such an integral part and do it with such style and grace.

The film is out Sept 11th and the DVD is out on the 21st September 2009.

See it and buy it, miss it at your peril!

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