The Snack That Bites Back

BATD ON Dec 19, 2008 AT 11:04 am

Aristoc Hourglass Bodytoner tights

Aristoc Hourglass Bodytoner tights

Canapes – they’re just so tiny, what possible damage can they do? Unfortunately, even small size food can pile on the pounds especially when you need loads to make you feel like you’ve eaten anything at all.

So if you’ve overdone it on the sesame bites, the minute peri-peri prawns or the tiny chocolate melts, you’ll be glad of a pair of Aristoc Hourglass Bodytoner tights. Sitting under the bust to give maximum curve enhancement without any lumpy bits, compression around the thighs, tum and bum ensure it all looks firm, smooth and fabulous, leaving you to tuck into another mini Yorkshire pud without a backward glance.

At department stores nationwide. £14.50.

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