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By Shelly Fulks

The Chinese New Year begins on 16 February, and there are several designers and brands who have released special collections to celebrate the year of the dog.

Dogs are often known for their loyalty and honesty. Because of this, those who are born in the year of the dog are known, to be honest, friendly, faithful, and loyal.

Previous years of the dog were 2006, 1994, 1982, and 1970. Winston Churchill, Madonna, and Michael Jackson were all born in the year of the dog.

If you feel like celebrating the Chinese New Year in style, several designers have released special collections that you should snap up while they are still available.


Gucci recently released a collection focused on the year of the Dog. Inspired by their Creative director’s Boston Terriers, the collection of jumpers, skirts, shirts, watches, and trainers is absolutely adorable. You can see the whole collection here. 

Gucci Women's Sneaker (495)

Gucci Women’s Sneaker (£495)


Moschino‘s Year of the Dog collection is centered around Betty Boop’s dog, Pudge. They have jumpers, phone cases, dresses, backpacks, and key chains. They are all fun, playful, and cute.

Moschino Jumper 402

Moschino Jumper (£402)


The major brand released a line of t-shirts and bags inspired by Donatella’s own pup, Audrey. There are also backpacks, pouches, and wallets decorated with images of Audrey as well. See all the fun here. 

Versace Audrey Patch Backpack (£1880)

Versace Audrey Patch Backpack (£1880)

Loquet London


Loquet London Dog Charms (£175)

If you’re looking for something more subtle, you can get one of the Loquet London Charms to wear as a necklace. They are all cute and discreet with their various silver, gold, and black colours.

Hopefully one or all of these fun pieces will have you celebrating the Chinese New Year in style.

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