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by Annie Vischer

Rosie for Autograph at M&S

Rosie for Autograph at M&S

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley hit London yesterday to launch her latest collection for Autograph at Marks & Spencer. In August she celebrated her one year anniversary with the brand, and it was clear that it was still going strong as she smiled her way through the photo call, and proudly introduced the new range, which gives us all a big old fashionable excuse to snuggle up in style this season.

Luxurious cottons and cashmeres abound in the new collection, and a soft colour palette along with the classic and feminine designs keep them in line with this season’s trends. There is a very high end element to the range, with classic designs such as shirted satin pyjama sets and elegant long robes, as well as items that, whilst loose and comfortable, are fitted to perfection with the female form in mind.

The cashmere belted pyjama bottoms are an absolute must for the frosty season, and the pure cashmere poncho is so beautifully cosy that it’s hard to persuade yourself to remove it once it’s on. In fact you may need two. Just a little warning. The jersey items retain the stylish silhouettes of the cashmere items, and are made within the same soft colour palette.

And then of course there’s the lingerie. Oh the lingerie. Black and blushed hues mingle with lace and satin in the latest additions to the collection. There’s a distinct Downton feel to the camisole sets, with the 1920s inspired designs adding a distinct sense of heritage based luxury to the collection, whilst the bra sets boast exquisite embroidery, flirty designs and wonderfully flattering fits.

Lingerie is one of my favourite things to buy. Some girls prefer shoes, others bags, and believe me I am not averse to either, but beautiful lingerie is something you can buy on the spur of the moment, wear on the spur of the moment, whether to impress or give yourself a little decadent secret to smile about throughout the day. It finishes off an outfit whether others can glimpse it or not. It’s all about how it can make you feel. It’s clear that the Rosie for Autograph collection at M&S bears this in mind, the designs exude luxury and femininity as well as being infinitely wearable.

The new sleepwear range ensures that glamour and sophistication need not be eradicated when you step through the door after a long day at work. There’ll be no more big old boyfriend T-shirts for us, no cartoon print pyjama bottoms (oh the horror!). From now on it’s Rosie-esque elegance all the way. Bring on the cashmere.

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