Topshop designs for V Festival

BATD ON Aug 21, 2009 AT 1:30 pm

Topshop design for VV Brown

Topshop design for VV Brown

Topshop worked wonders on edgy Florence Welch when they designed her quirky stage outfits for her Glasto performance. This time they’ve got their hands on VV Brown and Shingai Shoniwa from the Noisettes. We hear they have designed a set of exclusive outfits for V festival.

VV, who let’s face it isn’t one to shy away from any fashion trend, will be sporting a leopard print body with midnight blue tailored trousers complete with an oversized collar leather jacket – and that’s just for starters. Next up are animal print joggers (yes you read right joggers) and a sheer cape – we can’t wait for that one.

Shingai is also getting the Toppers treatment, she’ll be sporting a chocolate brown cat suit with cut outs and metallic detailing, as well as some seriously high waisted hot pants and a stain bra top – Madonna eat your heart out. All  that will be topped off with a ruffled bolero, well they certainly don’t do things by halves over at Topshop HQ.

We’ll be at V this weekend, and so will report back exactly what we think about those animal print joggers.

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