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We were recently introduced to Triumph & Disaster set up by New Zealand cricketer, Dion Nash, with a very interesting story of how he started his brand.

When Dion was just 13, his father gave him some advice in the form of a framed poem called ‘IF’, on how to be a man. At the time though, Dion was rebelling against his father and took no notice of it, until almost two decades later when he was going through an old chest and discovered the poem which read, ‘if you can meet with Triumph & Disaster and treat those two imposters just the same’. This is when the brand was born.

Gameface moisturiser

Gameface moisturiser

Dion wanted the same values – humility, honour, risk and reward – to be at the heart of his brand and to show that healthy skin is something to be proud of and aspire to. This is why his philosophy is to use the best of science, combined with the best of nature. The brand has local indigenous ingredients such as Horopito Oil and Ponga fern, blended with other ingredients from around the world, such as clay from Australia, Jojoba extract from Mexico and Tamanu oil from Polynesia.

The branding is the best bit. It’s totally unisex and the packaging is fantastic. Some of the product’s names are associated with sports or changing room slang, like the Gameface Moisturiser (£34), the Rock & Roll Suicide Face Scrub (£23.50) or the Toner Tonic (£26), which we love. The products are a little bit more moisturising so they are better suited for male skin, but if you suffer from extreme skin dehydration, you’ll love these.

YLF Shower Gel

YLF Shower Gel

These make great gifts, whether you’re trying to send a subtle, but funny, message with their YFL (You Lazy F***) shower gel or just want to give someone a nice present, these are fantastic and something a little bit unusual and special.

Triumph & Disaster products are available to shop here.

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