Victoria Beckham to Launch Handbags & Shoes?

BATD ON Oct 29, 2009 AT 9:50 am

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

Is there no end to Victoria Beckham’s fashionable endeavours? With her sell out dress collection, word on the street is that Mrs B could be adding an accessories range to her collection. It seems her penchant for handbags has inspired her to create her own line. She’s also said to be fed up of being a walking advert for other designers when she can cash in on her own designs.

A close friend of Victoria said : ‘Victoria is fed up of promoting other brands. If she wears Hermes or Christian Louboutin, people go and buy it. She thought, ‘why can’t I do this with my own line?” the insider continued. ‘Her current collection has gone down a storm across the celebrity world. If this is repeated with her line of shoes, the range would be worth an absolute fortune.’

Over to you readers would you buy a Victoria Beckham bag?

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