We Predict A Riot

Mimi ON Aug 19, 2012 AT 9:17 am

To mark the one year anniversary of the London riots, socially motivated fashion label Dalston Coathanger has launched a limited edition line of statement t-shirts entitled, The Riot Range.

Dalston Coathanger The Riot Range

Branded under the tagline ’The Product of Our Society’ the t-shirts feature three core designs, one of which is a rather cartoon-esque image of Boris Johnson, the other two featuring simple typography stating ‘Riot‘ and ‘There Will Be A Riot’.

The idea behind the t-shirts is that as a society we should not forget the riots, nor the frustration and anger that both caused them and came as a result of their escalation. Intending to provoke conversation, there’s no doubt that the Dalston Coathanger range will succeed in that mission, however, considering the sinister symbolism we’re not sure whether these t-shirts will be considered tasteless to many. And we’re also dubious as to whether we’d feel comfortable walking around London emblazoned in a Riot-slogan t-shirt.

We’d love to know your thoughts. Particularly at a time when post-Olympics, Londoners appear more positive and united than ever. Do these t-shirts provoke  a positive response?  Let us know in the comments section below or tweet us @BATD_com

Dalston Coathanger The Riot Range

Dalston Coathanger The Riot Range will be available throughout August, sold at their concept market stall on Ridley Road Market, Dalston.

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