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Boohoo #Dressmas

Boohoo #Dressmas

Christmas parties are the worst. Well, they’re the best, but in terms of getting ready, the stress beforehand, they’re generally the worst. A lot of them take place after work, that’s the trouble. Preparation time is minimal but you absolutely need to look your best. If you’ve had a crush on the new office guy for a few weeks then this is the time to show yourself off at your best. It is your chance to undo all those mornings you’ve rushed in with your hair still wet from a last minute shower, panda eyes in full force from a mid-commute makeup application and absolutely dazzle your fellow party-goers with your knock-their-Christmas-stockings-off glamour.

But what to wear?! Boohoo as always are coming to our aid this festive season with a whole host of sparkling on trend ensembles. Not that this will make the eventual decision any easier. The video below is pretty much how getting ready is going to go for us this season. Full on glamour? Or the comfortable elegance? Take a look and let us know what you think, what should she wear for the Boohoo Christmas TV Ad?  Tweet @Beautyanthedirt with the #Dressmas hashtag and vote for #dressedup or #comfortable.

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