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Mimi ON Oct 06, 2011 AT 8:57 am

Yan To S/S 2012 collection

Yan To S/S 2012 Collection

Yan To’s S/S 2012 collection The Nature of Me is proceeded by his critically acclaimed first collection that was sold in Harrods. This time around, the designer took inspiration from natural textures and daily life.  All of the styles of this collection have a classic appeal from day-to-night but have a rebellious tone that we just can’t resist.

Speaking of the collection, the designer stated, “The Nature of Me is how I chose to title this collection. These were the words that came to mind instantly and although I was troubled by it’sambiguity, it refused to leave my mind.” Some of our favourites from the collection are the quirky accessories, and flirtatious dresses.

For more information on the collection visit www.yan-to.com

Favorites from Yan To S/S 2012 Collection

Favorites from Yan To S/S 2012 Collection



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