YSL Film Finally In The Works

Mimi ON Jun 13, 2012 AT 2:06 pm

YSL Film in the Works

We are delighted to hear news that finally a film is to be made about the relationship between legendary fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent and his partner of 50 years, Pierre Berge. French director Jalil Lespert is the first person to receive Pierre’s approval for the film, coming just four years after his iconic partner’s death.

“I have often been proposed to make a fiction film about Yves and myself,” Pierre told French film website www.leftmfrancais.com. “I had never been convinced of the different projects. Jalil Lespert came to see me with his sensitivity, his enthusiasm, creative vision; I realized that I had before me the director who can tell this story. I said yes.”

Yves Saint Laurent & Pierre Berge

The couple met and fell in love in 1958 when Yves Saint Laurent was still designing for the House of Dior. Four years later, they launched YSL’s illustrious label, which arguably went on to influence the world of fashion more than any other label of its generation. Yves Saint Laurent achieved his greatest successes in the midst of his famously turbulent personal life, which will no doubt prove a focal point of the docu-film.

Yves Saint Laurent

By 1977, though still a couple, Laurent and Berge were living separate lives on separate floors of their Parisian home. The pair, however, remained together until YSL’s death at the age of 71 in June after his battle with brain cancer.

There have been no details yet about the film’s premier date nor who will be cast, but we’re hoping for a touching and sensitive piece, set against a sartorially epic background of Paris and high- fashion!

 What would you like to see –  who would you cast? We’d love to hear your thoughts, either below or on @BATD_Com

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