Olympic Hurdler Michelle Jenneke’s Sexy Pre-Race Dance

Mimi ON Aug 01, 2012 AT 11:20 am

Michelle Jenneke

If you don’t know Aussie Michelle Jenneke for her hurdling ability, you might know her for her notorious pre-race sexy dance- or at least you will now!

The latest YouTube sensation has bemused viewers all over the world with her signature dance, in which she vigorously shakes her hips, and sometimes even twirls – something that is apparently lost on the hurdler’s mother, Nicky.

“She’s been doing this for the last three years. She doesn’t get nervous before a race, she just gets very excited,” Nicky claims.

Whatever the case may be, we can’t blame Michelle for wanting to show off that body, and if shaking those hips is the key to a gold medal, shake away!

Michelle Jenneke's sexy dance


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