Afternoon Al-Desko Addiction

Jourdana ON Jul 17, 2013 AT 12:19 pm

Coco Cafe Mocha

It’s at times like this I wonder whether my LA-living dreams are somewhat unfounded. I’m not sure I could physically (or mentally) cope with this soupy, lethargy-inducing heat that renders me useless-in-the-city.

But then I remember that London (unlike Cali) is not made for heat. Aside from the freezer aisles in Sainsbury’s there’s a distinct lack cooling. In fact, our fair isle in its entirety is not built for any extremes of temperature. A mini heatwave and the city is a sweltering, complaining, melted puddle. A sprinkling of icicles and the tubes grind to a halt.

And what of us city dwellers?

Well, not unlike the tubes, come mid afternoon, we too grind to a halt. Or at least, a painfully slow and far-from-productive pace. Sat, mindlessly tip-tapping away on an over-heating Mac, it’s an energy-boosting hit we need. No biscuits, chocolate or crisps (it is bikini season after all). Water and green tea just won’t cut it, whilst ice lollies simply melt far too fast to be enjoyed.

And so it is that we discovered Coco Cafe Mocha. The latest al-desko addiction.

It’s the perfect blend of coconut water (which we love), caffeine (which we need) and cocoa (which we crave). And offers all the hydration, kick and sweetness to see us through those last few hours stuck behind a screen.

Coco Cafe Mocha, £1.99, available at Amazon, Planet Organic, Selfridges, Waitrose and Wholefoods

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