Super-Berry Anti Ageing Elixirs

Mimi ON Mar 11, 2013 AT 11:07 am

Cosmetofruit Chile Elixir

If you have ever succumbed to a shot of wheatgrass, you’ll know that the promise of eternal youth, or at least an inside-out healthy glow, typically comes in a somewhat unpalatable form. And where a grimace-inducing shot may be bearable for a week – it’s hardly sustainable for life. Enter Cosmetofruit and its range of berry-rich, drinkable (and delicious) elixirs.

Hailing from the rich soils of Chile, where berries and grapes offer 30-40% more health-bearing molecules than those grown in less harsh climates, the super-berry tinctures are packed full of antioxidant polyphenols and flavanoids. Available in three concentrated super-juice options designed to boost wellbeing, aid skin reparation and prevent signs of ageing from within, choose from Face Anti-Ageing Defence, a powerful cocktail of grapes, blueberries, hyaluronic acid extract and Kalpariane Algae  to boost elasticity and fight signs of UV damage, Luxurious Hair and Nails, a maqui and wild blackberry complex that protects from damaging inflammation and fights the forming of free radicals and Total Body Booster, a blend of wild murta and cranberries, green coffee extract and concentrated spiruline seaweed that helps to regulate the metabolism, prevent cellulite and repair skin tissue.

The Cosmetofruit Elixir’s are so potent that just one spoonful delivers the same anti-ageing, detoxifyng and immune-system boosting properties found in 500g worth of berries – at a fraction of the cost. But the best bit is that they, quite simply, taste delicious. The Anti-Ageing Defence, with it’s Green Tea Extract, is the slightly more bitter of the three, but even that I was more than happy to sip alone, chilled from the fridge.  In fact, so delicious were they that I had trouble just sticking to the one-a-day spoonful and on more than one occasion was seriously tempted to add a splash to vodka. But I fear that would most definitely compromise the promise of eternal youth!

The Cosmetofruit Elixirs cost £35 for 120 ml and are available online and instore at Fenwick and Space NK.


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