Clean and Lean Flat Tummy Meal Plans

BATD ON Aug 28, 2013 AT 1:45 pm

For a surefire way to get a flat, toned and taut stomach, combine your Bodyism Flat Tummy Workout with a clean and lean diet plan free from caffeine, processed foods and refined sugars.

Here’s the ideal daily diet;

Flat Tummy Breakfast
A breakfast packed full of Omega 3s has been shown to help burn tummy fat. Start your day as you mean to go on with a clean mixture of light protein, good fats and fresh greens. And, if you can, eat within an hour of waking to fire your metabolism.

Flat tummy breakfast

Fresh smoked salmon
1/2 an avocado
Cooked spinach
Cumin-roasted tomatoes



Flat Tummy Lunch
Lunch, like breakfast, should contain a decent amount (a palm-size portion is ideal) of protein and anti-oxidants, to keep you full and free from mid-afternoon sugar-cravings. Lunch should also include a combination of good fats (avocado, nuts, seeds, olive or coconut oil) and vegetables.

Superfood salad with grilled organic chicken
Handful of pomegranate’s
Pumpkin seeds


Flat Tummy Dinner
Plump for a dinner that is packed full of dark greens that will help to keep your body alkaline and fight stress. A light protein such as fish or chicken will ensure easy digestion.

Whole baked sea bass, grilled asparagus and a watercress salad


Flat Tummy Snacks
Yes, that’s right, you can eat in between meals but by snacking we don’t mean munching your way through a calorific, sugar-laden treat. Instead, nibble or sip one of the following to naturally de-stress and calm the body.

Combined with naturally-sweet rice milk, not only does Bodyism’s Body Serenity taste deliciously malt-y, it also works to combat stress and calm the body. Perfect for post-dinner to help improve sleep. During the day, mid-morning or mid-afternoon, snack on a handful of Brazil nuts.

Also, don’t forget that drinking plenty of water is one of the most impactful ways of achieving a flat tummy.

For more flat-tummy fast recipes check out James Duigan’s Clean and Lean Cookbook and Clean and Lean Flat Tummy Fast Book. Available at £12.99 from

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