Dynamic Pilates at Epoch Fitness

Mimi ON Jun 03, 2012 AT 11:54 am

Dynamic Pilates, the phenomenon that has been taking London by storm, has finally found its way to Fitzrovia by way of Epoch Fitness. And it’s not a moment too soon. Already a hub of creativity and enterprise, a fitness boutique that echoes these sentiments is well overdue.

But then again, for the expertise, ability and hardcore-but-heartfelt classes that founder Dmitri Tkatchev runs, we’d happily journey across London. . . during rush hour. . . and rain. . . in the middle of winter. And some of us do.

Reformer Pilates with Dmitri Tkatchev founder of Epoch Fitness

For the uninitiated, seriously where have you been? Dynamic pilates is a powerful exercise technique that combines athletic strength, conditioning, flexibility and cardio.”Classes place emphasis on both aesthetics and health” explains Dmitri “conditioning the body from the inside out using a library of exercises designed to narrow and accentuate the midriff while strengthening and leaning out the rest of the body. ”  Think a full-out assault on your core region while simultaneously working the arms, legs and buttocks – usually to exhaustion.

Oh and did we mention that all of this is carried out on a reformer? It’s a state of the art piece of equipment that combines moveable platforms, ropes and pulley springs that create a tension load to match your increasing (we promise it will be) levels of strength and endurance. Don’t be fooled by the fact it looks like a bed however because aside from the initial deep breathing and body alignment this is far from relaxing.

Reformer Pilates at Epoch Fitness

That said, there’s something truly addictive in noticing a distinct change in your body and workout week on week. Whether that comes from being able to perform certain exercises that you couldn’t at first, changing up the resistance as your body becomes stronger or best of all, seeing a clear improvement in muscle tone, body shape and leanness.

At Epoch Fitness, Dmitri runs small classes. Lying somewhere between a personal training session and a private group class, without the price tag of either, he allows for continual one-on-one technique-checking to ensure that you are getting the most out of each and every posture.

Disciplined and directive, it’s evident that Dmitri knows his stuff. For body conditioning, nutritional advice and an effective weightloss training system Dmitri is the one to watch. Or better yet, follow.

Classes with Dmitri Tkatchev take place week days and weekends, with introductory sessions starting from £11. For more information and to book classes visit www.epochfitness.co.uk or email info@epochfitness.co.uk


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