Experience Nike’s Super Fly New Running Shoe

BATD ON Mar 05, 2013 AT 9:44 am

Nike Flyknit Experience London

Who would have thought that running, the cheapest and most natural form of exercise, could get quite as complex as it has? From the moisture-wicking fabrics that keep you warm in the cold, cool once you’ve picked up the pace and dry to the finish line to the latest slew of self-tracking devices that up the competitive fitness ante, runners are adopting all manner of hi-tech tools in the hope of becoming stronger, feeling lighter and inevitably, running faster.

We haven’t even touched upon the myriad trainer options, because it seems we might no longer have to thanks to the launch of the new Nike Flyknit Lunar1+.

The result of 35 years of innovation and four years of development, the Flyknit has been precision engineered for a snug second-skin fit, flexible feel and featherweight lightness. With an innovative one-piece woven upper that has been created with a tightly woven polyester yarn and a bouncy, soft cushioned midsole to absorb impact, it’s the runner that our feet have been searching for. Oh and did we mention just how darn pretty they are!

To experience the Flyknit Lunar+ for yourself, by way of a steam-fitting and a Flyknit Nike+ Run, head down to the Nike Experience pop up at Somerset House on either the 5th or 6th March. To find out more, or get involved, head to www.facebook.com/nikerunninguk

Nike Flyknit Somerset House pop up

Nike Flyknit Lunar 1+,  £130 www.nike.com


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