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By Carly Bayroff

The latest burst of exceptionally warm weather in London has summer holidays already on our minds, making the launch of Fitness First’s three new FGT (Freestyle Group Training) classes, Glute Gains, Bootcamp, and Explore emerge at the perfect time.

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Fitness First

The first of the three new classes is Glute Gains, which focuses specifically on glute training. Since gaining immense popularity on social media, Instagram particularly, there have been millions of mentions of people showing interest in muscle-specific training. Fitness First has structured the class so that it combines bodyweight training with exercises using a resistance band to give you the glutes you’ve always wanted – yes please!

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Fitness First

Next up: the Bootcamp class. Here you can expect a full body exercise that focuses on setting a personal best. You work your way around a minimum of nine stations with twenty seconds of rest in between each for two rounds. In round two, you repeat all of the exercises but with a twist. The goal is for you to beat your own performance from round one. This class is built for you to reach your goals and push yourself. It’s probably best to have your favorite dessert in mind as motivation, that way when you beat your performance time you won’t feel guilty about indulging at all.

Lastly, the Explore class focuses on working in teams to perfect your workout. The goal is to work with others to improve your form, so grab your friends and make them come to class with you. Explore is structured in a way that makes exercise seem undemanding: two minutes of learning followed by two minutes of activity and then one minute of rest.

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Fitness First

These three classes will begin and end with a short drill to warm you up and wind you down. Fitness First and their new classes make hitting the gym effortless, so what are you waiting for?

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