Plenish Cleanse

Jourdana ON Dec 04, 2012 AT 2:23 pm

Once considered the sole preserve of the downward-dogging New Yorker and clean-living LA actress, juicing has had something of an image transformation of late.

No longer seen as just a quick-fix weight loss fad (although trimming down is rather a nice side effect) the benefits of blended greens as a health-booster has upped the appeal of slurping, rather than chewing, your vital nutrients. And yet, as a process it’s all rather time consuming – and messy. All that shopping, chopping, blending and cleaning makes it a dedicated-followers-only practice.

Enter Plenish Cleanse.

Plenish Cleanse’ Sweet Sexy Greens

A first in the UK, Plenish Cleanse offer a range of raw, organic juices that have been specially pressed using a state-of-the-art hydraulic cold press to preserve all of the integral living enzymes to supplement your diet. Each, surprisingly, tasty 500 ml bottle is packed with a hefty 6 lbs of ingredients, delivered direct to your door and there’s even a range of cleanse choices depending on just how hardcore you are – or want to be. Choose from a full-on pH balancing Purity cleanse which offers a 6-juice-a-day combination of Plenish’s Sweet Sexy Greens, Spicy Lemonade, Mind Body Green and Cashew Milk tonics. The Clarity offers a deep-but-not-too-intensive cleanse combining all of the above juices, with the addition of the Pineapple², and the gentle Harmony cleanse detox with an added BeetBox juice.

Plenish Cleanse

Or do as I intend, and plump for a mix of your favourite flavours as a super-supplement inclusion to your daily diet.


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