Saviour Snacks

Jourdana ON May 09, 2013 AT 11:07 am

Attempting to live a healthier life is no mean feat. Requiring continued forward planning and thorough food prep, without which it’s all too easy to grab the quickest and usually far-from-healthy option when a hunger pang or craving hits.

For those who don’t have luxury of time but want to live a cleaner lifestyle, the slew of new delivered-to-your-door food services offer an altogether more appealing approach. So that’s breakfast, lunch and dinner sorted, but what about the health-killing mid-afternoon slump? Enter Saviour Snacks.

Saviour Snacks

Offering a choice of hand-delivered boxes that stick to the (rather delightful) 80%/ 20% rule, Saviour Snacks are packed full of a variety of ‘pure health’, ‘everyday goodness’ and ‘intelligent indulgence’ products that vary from week to week but include non-GMO popcorn, tamari roasted almonds, organic raw chocolate energy balls and peanut butter protein bars.

Not only are the snack choices delicious, they’re also inspired, including a variety of brands you may know (The Food Doctor, Propercorn and Wild Trail) as well as carefully-sourced independents.

Choose from a weekly, fortnightly or monthly delivery – plus the option of a 10-snack box (perfect to keep in the back of the car for when the kids are craving sweetness) or a 50-snack box (a 4 pm treat for the whole office).

Saviour Snacks, from £15 available online at

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