Snack Attack

BATD ON Jan 04, 2013 AT 11:31 am

Thanks to an overdose of sugary, sweet treats during the holidays (no, we’re not proud of ourselves) our new year’s healthy eating plans are fast being sabotaged by a continued taste for the bad stuff.

A recent discovery has however put paid to the naughtiness.

Raw Cacao & Cinnamon Kale Chips

Don’t be fooled by their appearance because InSpiral Raw Cacao and Cinnamon Kale Chips are without doubt the most delicious things we’ve eaten of late (and yes, that does include the Yule Log, Mince Pies and Ferrero Rocher’s that we devoured).

Preserving its rich store of antioxidants, calcium and vitamin A, the locally-sourced kale is slowly dehydrated for a crispy texture and sprinkled with raw cacao and cinnamon. Pure coconut palm sugar adds an extra hit of natural sweetness, whilst the addition of raw cashew nuts, vanilla beans and HImalayan crystal salts makes this the perfect low G.I.,  gluten, wheat and soya free snack for when you’re cravings kick in.

Inspiral Raw Cacao and Cinnamon Kale Chips £6.45 for 90g available at Whole Foods and Planet Organic. 

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