Super Snacking

BATD ON Jan 03, 2013 AT 9:25 am

There’s nothing wrong with snacking between meals (in fact, eating small amounts, often is said to help keep your metabolism stoked), depending on what it is you are choosing to munch.

It’s all too easy during a mid morning or afternoon slump to reach out for the most calorific and high-fat foods when there is nothing healthier to hand, which is why preparation is the key to keeping your healthy eating on track.

And here’s what we have been stashing in our desk drawers and handbags;

Munchy Seeds

Packed full of health boosting Omega 3s, essential vitamins and minerals, these handy slim sachets offer a tasty blend of lightly roasted and naturally flavoured seed mixes that will keep the hunger pangs (and refined sugar) at bay until mealtime.

From 55p per sachet,

Munchy Seeds

Urban Fruit

Unlike many dried fruits, which tend to be packed with not-so-healthy sulphites, preservatives and stabilisers, these more-ish, handpicked and gently baked fruits retain their vitamin stores and fresh, juicy flavours. We love the Superberry mix of tangy Golden Berries, Cranberries and Red Grapes and the sweet and sour Apple and Pear combination.

£1.99 per bag,

Urban Fruit

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